Beauties and Beasts ends partnership with animal shelter and humane society

July 06, 2023 |

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "This is a very sad situation. In the nine years we've done marketing, pretty much is what we do for the Wichita animal shelter, we've never had this happen. We've never been lied to.” 

That's what Randi Carter, vice president of Beauties and Beasts rescue, said Monday.

The animal rescue organization has ended its partnership with Wichita’s animal shelter and the Kansas Humane Society after allegations of mistreatment of animals and unnecessary euthanizations at the shelter have come to light. In fact, Randi Carter said she was doing routine rescue checks on Wednesday when she stumbled across a list.

“And on this list it shows everyone they had euthanized that day and I took a picture of this list," Carter said. "There were dogs on that list that we were never notified about.  There were dogs on that list that were supposed to transfer to the Kansas Humane society. There were dogs on that list that were never evaluated and in 9 years I have never had a dog euthanized that had not been evaluated. There were dogs on that list that were county dogs, not city dogs and they had no right to euthanize those dogs."

We reached out to the animal shelter, KHS, city leadership, the mayor, and Wichita police who currently run the shelter. Only the Humane Society responded to the claims.

Jordan Bani-Younes, director of communications at the Kansas Humane Society, discussed the euthanized dog that was supposed to transfer to the facility, "So that dog's name was Spritz and what had happened was it was coughing. We cannot take sick animals into our space because it spreads like wildfire."

However, Beauties and Beasts' records show there were eight kennels open in a kennel cough specific hall at the shelter. 

Carter said, "We would understand if there were zero kennels and I told the lieutenant that if there are ever zero kennels that I would understand but that's not what happened."

The complaints do not end here. Beauties and Beasts is also upset because she says the shelter is giving them a 15-minute windows to pick up rescue dogs, a feat not possible in most situations, but that isn't all.

Carter said, "There are basic things that are not being done to care for the dogs properly. If they were to come to your house and you were to house your dogs the way they house their dogs you would get a citation. So who's going to cite them? When dogs are sitting in pee and poop and don't have access to water."

Carter feels as though Beauties and Beasts has no other choice but to pull out of this nearly decade long partnership with the shelter. 

The only thing that could reconnect the organizations? Change at WAS and KHS, she said.