Volunteer Of The Month - March 2024

March 06, 2024

Melissa has been a Beauties & Beasts volunteer since 2017! Melissa to you, your acts of kindness may seem small, but your impact is enormous. Volunteers like you use their time and talents to make the world a better place. Honestly, we don’t think things would go as smoothly as they do without you. You are the peanut butter to our Kong. We hope you realize how grateful everyone in this organization is for you. Thank you so much for stepping forward and volunteering in an area that no one else could.


Melissa Says:

What areas do you Volunteer in within the rescue?

I started volunteering in 2017 as a walker; I would walk on my lunch and take dogs on brewery dates on Fridays. My husband and I revamped the website. I help with events, I was on the Ball Crawl planning committee for 3 or 4 years, my husband and I run the online store, I have done the Beauties Instagram, I answer Facebook messages, I have been on the cash donation box collection team, I have done freedom rides from the shelter, I have helped catch strays, I am a foster. I basically dabble in everything.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

Dogs. I enjoy helping to bring them into care, watching them grow and open up and develop into real dogs, then watching them get their happily ever after. I love the family that I have been able to make through this rescue as well.

What is your favorite volunteer memory or experience?

My most favorite memory was participating in the Hurricane Harvey intake. Being up at 2 AM when those vans rolled in and getting those dogs taken care of a settled was amazing. It was a sight to see for sure, we were a very well oiled team. I also love every brewery date I have taken the dogs on, we have gotten a few adoptions out of them- they call it the “Mel and Colt magic”.

What's something you want the public to know about volunteering for Beauties and Beasts?

There are SO MANY volunteer opportunities, if you never want to show your face or have your name be known- we have a place for you. Once you are in you are family. We can't make change and save lives without volunteers.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for Beauties and Beasts?

My day job is being a receptionist at a dog training facility. Outside of work and volunteering I frequent the local breweries, I love to try new restaurants and foods, and I love to travel (don’t worry, I pet dogs on all of my travels).