Volunteer Of The Month - April

April 03, 2024

Christine has been a Beauties & Beasts volunteer since 2017! Christine to you, your acts of kindness may seem small, but your impact is enormous. Volunteers like you use their time and talents to make the world a better place. The miles you put in for our dogs is astronomical. You are the cheese to our macaroni. We hope you realize how grateful everyone in this organization is for you. Thank you so much for stepping forward (pun intended) and volunteering your time and steps to our rescue.  

Christine says:

What areas do you Volunteer in within the rescue?

I am a Dog Walker for our boarding facility, a Boarding Buddy (to four very awesome dogs: Odin, Jupiter, Genesis & Louie), I handle dogs at various Beauties events, and I do vet reminders. In the past I did home checks for people who applied to foster or adopt, and I also fostered (it was only one time and we adopted our foster, Rhino. What can I say, he was too good to let go).

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

When I am with my boarding buddies or walking the other boarding dogs, it’s a mental break from the everyday minutiae. It’s a great get away to get out of your head and leave your problems at the door. It’s the best and cheapest therapy around!!

What is your favorite volunteer memory or experience?

I have two awesome experiences! One was seeing my first boarding buddy and true love Skipper, who was a former chain dog, get adopted. He is now living his best life in a home where he is loved and spoiled (as he should be). The other was being a part of the crew to test out the idea of taking some of our Beauties boarding dogs camping. I brought my current boarding buddy Odin. It was such a blast and a huge success.

What's something you want the public to know about volunteering for Beauties and Beasts?

Every animal deserves to be saved and loved that’s what Beauties strives to do. We need volunteers to help us accomplish this and volunteering is so rewarding. I feel I get back so much more than I put in. Every volunteer, every task and every job a volunteer takes on is important and needed. We have a volunteer position to fit everybody.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for Beauties and Beasts?

I am an ASCP board certified Cytotechnologist and work in my field. I like to read, garden and spend time with my husband and animals at home. My husband and I are members of the Sunflower Retriever Club locally and run our boy Ruckus in hunt tests.