Fostering - What A Blessing

October 25, 2022

Our family started with Beauties and Beasts with our 1st foster just over 4 years ago!

We were so ignorant when we started!  Like it is tough to comprehend how little we understood about dogs and rescue, but day by day we learned: canine body language, the 3-3-3 rule, canine hierarchy,  all the medical concerns and cares, taking dogs to locals vets and KState to be evaluated, how to care for starved dogs with multiple small meals, ortho surgeries and post op therapy and care, the damage fleas and different mites cause, the blessing that is Dawn soap for fleas,  what a tape worms looks like, how to take care of a dog with Mega Esophagus and a G tube, the amazing difference a belly band makes when bringing a male dog into our home, fearful dogs and different ways they express that fear, that a Lion’s Den kennel is the bomb, that Martingale collars and Weiss Walkie or Harness lead leashes are amazing at keeping a dog from getting away from me on leash, the amazing difference a foster transfer can make for a dog and their success,  being a doula for a couple of mommas, how to sew an umbilical cord chewed way too close to the body by a new momma with dental floss, 1 unadoptable dog still with us and deemed now adoptable, the patience and love that is takes to help a  hoarding dog, escape artists and all the adjustments made to our yard to keep them safe, searching for a lost dog and the heartache that ensues until they are found, how to handle a dog and keep them safe during an event,  posting freedoms and adoptions, setting up foster and adoption intros and facilitating each, sending out pleas for transport/foster/donation pick up, shelter runs and death row posts and freedom rides, 104.5 spots with Phil Thompson, in person and virtual  home checks, email management, owner surrenders, 1 boarding buddy, sharing knowledge and brainstorming with the village of like-minded people for the benefit of each unwanted dog, etc.
It has been an amazing experience with every emotion from nervous, scared, and worried to feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and fear that we weren’t enough. What kept us going were the feelings of accomplishment, learning with each experience, and complete elation when each foster found their final forever home.  We could have given up a million times, but our discomfort in any given situation was nothing compared to what would happen if we gave up.  These dogs were all unwanted for some reason or another.  One home can make so much difference in each dog’s life one dog …..or 4  … a time.
Writing this and remembering all who have stayed in our home has made me a bit of a sappy mess this morning    We love them all and have enjoyed this crazy adventure!  It absolutely makes our day when we hear and see updates from previous fosters’ new families!  We look forward to continuing to foster, learning from each one, and working with this amazing village of rescuers.

If you have a heart for animals and want to contribute to the betterment of the world, go to and fill out a volunteer, foster or adopt application.  I can honestly say it has changed our lives in more positive ways than I can say.