Sex: Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Weight: 63 lbs
Age: 8 years
Location: Boarding
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: Yes, Older Children

Peachie Pie, Peachy Weachy, Peach Pit -- Peach! This goofy girl is not the same girl that we first met way back in 2018 when she was cowering in fear in the corner of a kennel at the shelter. She was emaciated, terrified, and untrusting. With no information about her background or upbringing, and not even being able to touch her yet, we took a leap of faith and saved because we knew she deserved a chance. It didn't take long before her personality started to shine, quirks and all! 

She is the silliest girl, loves to play, and is constantly making people laugh. On walks, she is known to take you hostage by stopping and sitting directly in front of you and staring her intense eyes into your soul to not-so-subtly demand another treat before continuing on her walk. She is always up for an adventure!

Peach is a social butterfly around her friends, but she takes time to warm up to new people. All it takes is consistent visits and dedication for her to make new friends (oh, and don't you dare forget the treats!). Once you're her friend, you learn pretty quickly why she is so dearly loved. She does need a quiet home without frequent visitors and she would prefer to have her people close anytime there is rain, storms, or fireworks.

Peach has spent almost all of her nearly 6 years in care in boarding, and she has SO many people who love her beyond measure! We believe there is a perfect home for every dog out there. Some dogs just take longer to find that home and they are all deserving of our time and love. Peach is the epitome of that!

Adoption Fee: $150 - Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, and UTD on all vaccines.
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