How to Adopt

The first step in adopting is to fill out our adoption application. This helps our volunteers understand what type of companion you are searching for, and aids in identifying any issues that would prevent placing a certain animal in a certain home; for example, breed restrictions in your town or apartment complex.

The Beauties team should reach out to you via email within a week, if you don’t hear from us by then please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. After initial contact we conduct a vet check to be sure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and are spayed/neutered. After the vet check we will reach back out to schedule a home visit (virtual or in person) where we can make sure the home meets the needs of the animal you are interested in adopting. Example: fencing height for dogs who are jumpers, stairs for dogs who have mobility challenges. We try to troubleshoot any potential problem areas and offer friendly advice so that our shared goal, a forever happy match, can be achieved.

After the application process is complete, the real fun begins! It is time for meet-n-greets! We have a professional trainer to assist with dog-to-dog introductions. Having a trainer present helps your dog to dog intro go through the woof (whoops, we mean roof)!

Once you have decided on the dog or cat of your dreams, last thing is to sign the adoption contract and pay the fee. The adoption fee covers required vaccinations, microchip, and spay/neuter costs.

Adoption Application