National Slobber Appreciation Day

November 16, 2022

National Slobber Appreciation Day is celebrated on November 16th and it’s a way for owners of drooly dogs to show off their slobber and embrace the trait that makes them unique and extra huggable to those that love them the most!

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Fostering - What A Blessing

October 25, 2022


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National Spoil Your Dog Day

August 10, 2022

Although all dog lovers (and, no doubt, their four-legged family members) know that every day should be National Spoil Your Dog Day, a pet holiday set aside to pamper your pup even more than the other 364 days of the year! 

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A Vounteer’s Fostering Experience

October 05, 2018

Do you see photos and videos shared by Beauties & Beasts and wonder what it's like to be a Beauties foster? I have fostered several dogs for Beauties and I would love to share my experience with you.

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Rescue Doesn’t Quit

September 22, 2018

After a social media meeting today a volunteer submitted this blog about why rescue doesn't quit.

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So Many Stories to Tell

July 01, 2018

In rescue, there a lot of stories to tell – Stories of brave rescue. Stories of selfless volunteers. Stories of unspeakable abuse and neglect. Stories that hurt. Stories that heal. Beauties and Beasts, Inc is known for using social media to tell the majority of these stories, but we wanted something more. We wanted a channel to document the stories of the dogs and cats that we are working so hard to save. We are excited to start this journey of joy, sadness, healing and RESCUE.

The first story we’d like to tell is…

Big Booty Judy

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