Sex: Female
Breed: Pit/Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Weight: 30 lbs
Age: 5 months
Location: Foster Home
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Kid Friendly: Yes

Hi, hi, hello, hi, yo, what's up?!? I'm Piper and I like people and other doggos! I'm a strong parvo survivor! My friends at Beauties and Beasts saved me from being mercy euthed with only seconds to spare. I love to play, talk, run around, be stilly and get pets. I am kennel trained, and keep it clean but I need a blankey to cover my kennel because I start thinking about all the things I could be missing while I'm in my kennel, and will let you know how upset I am if without it. I am working on my potty training and things are going much better now, although if my foster pawrents get distracted and dont put me out for a little while I could have an accident. 

(Insert Foster Mom Dialogue) If I could use one word to describe piper it would be "clever". She is is a fun and rambunctious puppy, but very intuitive, and could be the perfect dog for something like agility or advanced obediance training. We dont expect her to get much larger than she is now. She is a little underweight at 30 pounds from fighting off the parvo virus but is gaining weight, we would like to see her gain about five more pounds. She would really like to have another playful dog in the home, she can hold her own with our other much larger dogs and would play all day and all night if they would let her. We are still working with her on not jumping when she gets excited to see us. She is curently learning to sit and shake as well. She is very food/treat motivated and wants to learn. Like most puppies, if she gets bored she can get a little destructive without proper toys around for her to play with and chew on...RIP to my flip flops...as long as you kept the important things put up and out of the way she would choose to play with the toys you have out. 

Piper loves to go play with the big dogs at daycare during the week, and it relly helps her get out some of her high energy. She does have what I call "little dog attitude" shes not so little but she does have that Jack Russell mentality when it comes to being somewhat guardy of her people. On occasion she will get growly if one of our other dogs gets too close while she is on our lap. In that moment we just remover her from our lap to let her know she does not need to protect us. She does seem to do this behavior more with me than my husband. 

While not required, homes with another dog in the home are preferred. 


Please note: There is an additional deposit of $75 for each animal that is unaltered (not spayed or neutered) at time of adoption. The deposit will be refunded in full upon proof of spay/neuter. If the animal is taken to a designated Beauties and Beasts veterinarian, the cost of spay/neuter is covered by the adoption donation.

Adoption Fee: $275 - Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, and UTD on all vaccines.