Chicago - SENIOR

Sex: Male
Breed: Lab Mix - SENIOR
Age: 14 years
Location: Foster Home
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Kid Friendly: Yes

Are you looking for that perfect senior pet? Meet Chicago! Chicago is a 14-year-old male McNabb mix and is one of the sweetest old farts that you will ever meet. He gets along with everyone and everything he meets, except for those icky annoying fluffy squirrel things! Your yard will forever be squirrel free if he is on the job! ��

Just like other senior citizens, Chicago has a few minor health issues and is on a daily medicine regimen. The most visible issue is his tremors. Some days they’re really noticeable, other days you’d never even know he has them. These are due to his arthritis BUT they do not stop him from enjoying life one bit. This boy is ACTIVE!! He literally runs circles around my resident husky! He loves to run around the yard, chase his tail, chase the icky squirrels, and basically is a totally goofy boy. He makes us laugh quite often with his antics.

When it’s time to settle down, he absolutely adores his cuddles!! ❤ He is perfectly content laying right next to your lap getting scratches all night while you watch TV or read a book. Bedtime is no different. His favorite spot is at the foot of the bed curled up by your feet. He’s had a long hard time in life but now he is enjoying living out his best life as a Beauties & Beast Alumni.

Interested in meeting Chicago? He's interested in meeting you!

Adoption Fee: $150 - Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, and UTD on all vaccines.