Sex: Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Weight: 80 lbs
Age: 7 years
Location: Foster Home
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Kid Friendly: Yes

Bandit is dog friendly and is very “motherly” with the little dogs/puppies that have come through the foster's home! I am unsure on her behaviors with kids but suspect she would be great with larger children. Smaller children I would worry about just due to her size and desire to play.  Her favorite toy in the whole world is a tennis ball which she will fetch for you all day long and is super athletic and fun to watch when catching the balls (she makes some pretty amazing jumps to catch them sometimes)!

Bandit tends to pull on the leash for the first few minutes of our walks because she is just so happy to be out and about but soon settles and does really well (unless one see's a squirrel and then everything in her brain gets so excited she just cannot help but attempt to give chase)!

She listens very well and knows stay, sit, and down. She can sometimes be stubborn but for the most part, she is an easy keeper. She has not chewed on anything other than the toys she has picked out of the toy bin. She is a very smart girl and will easily pick up a new routine I have no doubt.  If needed, she will stay in a kennel.  Her foster does not kennel them at night but the few times she has needed to kennel her fosters, she settles in and is able to hold her bladder for quite a while.

B is a big girl, I believe she weighed in at close to 90 lbs when I first got her but we have been working on her diet to get her healthy again. Though she can be gentle and relaxed, she can also be quite active and loves to play.  If you have no cats and are looking for a super sweet, loyal as heck, fun, playful girl and you don't mind BIG, then this girl is for you!

Adoption Fee: $200 - Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, and UTD on all vaccines.